Established: December 28, 1887

President:    Michael Deane     

Vice-President:   Steven Randazzo 

Secretary / Treasurer:    Nicholas Catizone (Nick)


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Nick Catizone


Cell: (339) 927-3098

E-Mail: [email protected]

"Why We are Here "

This Association is for Members only. 

           We are here for you - The "Inspector of Wires". This Association was formed to address not only your problems that you encounter in your City or Town, we also address changes proposed by the State House whether it is a proposed "House Bill" or "Senate Bill" these changes or proposals effect all of us in our industry. 

           There is No Problem to Big or to Small, speak up this happens to all of us, these meetings are to help all of us, you are not alone, being informed will help you to do a better  job, bring in those questions.

            We do our best to keep you informed of not only Electrical Code Changes, we also report any Manufacturers Re-Calls that may effect your inspections. [ SEE IMPORTANT ISSUSES PAGE]  

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Eversource Electric Meter

James Mello  Supervisor

Cell 508-397-9785

Email - [email protected]

What our members are saying

I would highly recommend attending their monthly meetings they always have something new to present to there members and the discussions are always informative, can't wait for the next meeting.


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(339) 927-3098

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